In the summer of 2010, I commissioned a bicycle trailer to transport my double bass, custom-built by Haulin’ Colin. The project was funded with community support in exchange for recordings, commissioned works and house shows. The trailer is a continual work in progress, as I am constantly refining my routine. More photos can be found on my Facebook page.

Seattle Times, July 6, 2010
Oh, the places you’ll go—by bike, hauling an enormous double-bass behind you

Thank you for support from

Adam Stoeckle
Amelia K. Bowler
Bernard Sanders
Bookman Wallingford
Brent Williamson
Carma Williams
Chris McGill
Darryl Miller
David Seerveld
David Teske
Derek Nixon
Ellen Pepin
Emily Ann Peterson
Emily Mrazek
Hannah Hoose
Haulin' Colin
Ian Williams
India Susanne Holden
Jayme Aumann
Jesse Card
Jimmie Girganoff
Liz Nixon
Nancy Ward
Nicola Reilly
Mara Sedlins
Margaret Carter
Michael Berk
Mike Belknap
Paula Cunningham
Peter Abrahamsen
Qamuuqin Maxwell
Scott Teske
Steve Bradford
Stuart Wolferman
Susan Massar
Terri Sandys
Tim Scearce
Wayne Thurman
William Eddins
Whitman Dewey-Smith